One Week Babymoon in Krabi

The term babymoon comes from “baby honeymoon”. As the term implies, it is a vacation taken by a couple when they are expecting a baby. A period of time both parents take to relax and spend quality time together before the baby is born.

Wifey is expecting. She is now 25 weeks pregnant. We think it’s a good time for us to have a short vacation, as the pregnancy is healthy and in a steady phase. And, it is a gestational age that is “allowed” to travel by most doctors and airlines. Most doctors and airlines wouldn’t recommend pregnant women to travel once they are entering the third trimester as a safety measure. Before we go, we consulted to our doctor and she gave us a green light to go as well as a letter stated that I am OK to travel. 

After several considerations, we decided to go to Krabi for our babymoon. Woohoo!

Why Krabi?

We chose Krabi for our babymoon destination because of these following reasons. First, it has a relatively short flight duration from Singapore. Second, we have never been to Thailand before and reluctant to go to a busier place like Bangkok. Furthermore, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy our quality time together as a couple before our little bundle of joy pops out. Last but not least, because Krabi has a quite significant Muslim population, it’s easy to find halal food and Muslim owned accommodation.

When mentioning Krabi, usually what tourist mean is the beach area called Ao Nang. Krabi itself is larger than Ao Nang and a place called Krabi Town is outside of Ao Nang. We stayed in Ao Nang, in a resort with a mountain view but still close to the beach.

The main intention of our trip to Krabi is for a babymoon, because, I don’t think wifey can fly again until we have the baby early next year. The initial idea of the trip was just to relax in the hotel. However, we ended up doing some activities that we didn’t really plan in the beginning. Afterall it was a very nice holiday and we might want to return again next time.

Here are some activities that we did each day during our visit to Krabi. The detail can be seen in the respective posts. You can just click the underlined itinerary, and it will direct you to the story. Hopefully, the list can bring some insight for those who want to visit Krabi for their babymoon. 

Day 1:

We went directly to the hotel after arrival.  Once we reach we checked in, getting into the room, then we had a nap, although we weren’t really tired. Maybe because the room is very nice and has very cold air condition in the middle very humid beach area of Ao Nang, Krabi. We ordered in-room lunch and really spend time relaxing in the hotel for that rest of the day. We tried one of the swimming pools and had a short swim. In the evening, we ordered another in-room meal for dinner. 

Day 2:

We spent the second day fully for 7 islands sunset tour. We will post the detail of the tour and the review in the different post.

Day 3:

We did quite some activities in this day.

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

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