A little bit about us

We are a couple who are currently residing in Singapore. We have traveled together since we got married in 2011, and keep craving for more trips. We have visited all countries in countries list above. Our little family motto is “the best investments are knowledge and experiences” because no one can take our knowledge and experiences from us.

Let us introduce ourselves…


Hi, I’m Jon, the husband (and dad). I am a geek, who currently works as a software engineer. I love to read and like doing exercise too for more healthy and happy life.


Hi, I’m Indri, the wife (and mom). I am a social homemaker, who currently works as a part-time teacher. I love crafting. I own Indri Lamida Handmade brand for my handmade bags.

The Little Alula Lamida

Hi, I am Miss Lulu, I think I am born to be a traveler just like my mom and dad :). I have flown for more than 6 times before I reach 6 months old.

About this blog

Travelogee.com is our travelogue, where we write our stories about places we have been, itineraries we have planned, money we have budgeted (and spent), interesting experiences and much more. We want to well-document the stories of our trips and also to share them with you. We hope that our stories can help you to plan your travel better, avoid our travel mistakes, or even inspire you to travel.

As we are Muslims, there are some posts about the halal food we eat in each destination, stories about mosques we have visited and how to find praying place in foreign countries. Hopefully, those stories can help our fellow Muslim travelers on their trips.  But of course, there are also other exciting experiences and stories that also applicable to more general audiences.

Our travel style

Our travel style depends on the destination.

Sometimes we do backpacking, stay in a hostel, sleep in the airport, cook in Airbnb, stay at friend place, etc. We always try to stay on budget every time we are on the road so that we can go to more places.

Often we like a road trip. We drove a huge campervan in Australia and New Zealand, tried driving at the right side of the road in Dubai, circled the island country Sri Lanka driving a hybrid car, rode a scooter in Barcelona and Rome and much more.

Once in the while, we also did leisure trips and stay in a non-budget hotel but in an inexpensive country. We sometimes went to Indonesia, Malaysia or other South East Asia countries for this purpose.

Why do we love traveling?

We always wanted to see the world together. Exploring new places, meeting new people, immersing ourselves in new cultures excites us. And we should say, it’s addicting! Travel indeed need extra savings, but we never consider it as expenses. Rather, we always think that travel is a good investment because we get a lot of priceless experiences during our travel.

  1. Seeing beautiful landscape in every place that we visited reminds us of small we are compared to the creator of all. Nature’s beauty never fails to mind blow us.
  2. Travel breaks stereotypes. It’s amazing to see how diverse humans are with their own culture. For us, it is really mind-opening. We then realized that the stereotypes of people formed by the media are not true!
  3. Travel strengthen our bonds as a family. It’s the time when teamwork is much needed. Like when we did road trips by camper vans, we took a turn to drive. It will be exhausting to drive hundreds of miles a day alone. By the time we settle our van for a camp, we divide our tasks. Wifey will cook for meals, hubby will take care the laundry, setting up the electricity, emptying the grey water, toilette cassette, etc.
  4. Travel creates undisrupted quality time as hubby and wife. What can be better than having a heart-to-heart conversation while drinking a hot cup of tea facing the beautiful Lake Pukaki in New Zealand? Or as simple as holding hands strolling at La Ramblas Barcelona?
  5. After all, travel is like a recharge for us. We always come back refreshed after we travel.

Why should you travel too?

The world is so diverse. There are so many beautiful places await to be explored and many kind souls you can connect to. Travel can be as cheap or as expensive depends on how we plan it. From our experience, the good feeling of travel experience is something that we wouldn’t get even by buying an expensive or fancy item. Stuff can go away, but the memories and experiences of what you have gone or done will always with you.