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Eating Halal during New Zealand Road Trip

Halal means permissible. It is often applicable for things that can be eaten by muslim. The simple rule is, no …
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How to Book a Campervan

Going to overseas trip is an exciting experience. However, there will always be a first time when we are not …
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Apps That You Need for New Zealand Road Trip

Long time ago, you will need a physical map for a road trip. Nowadays, road trip is much easier even …
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How to Get Cheap Flight Ticket to New Zealand

As far country in the south, one the most expensive item for traveler to New Zealand will be the flight …
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Changi Airport Terminal 4 Review

Singapore Changi airport has opened it newest terminal on 31 October 2017. But we only had chance to visit the …
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A Tranquil day at Hill Safari Eco Lodge

This accommodation is actually recommended by a friend. Looking at the details online, it seems that it is a tranquil …
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