Teeth Scaling in Krabi

I know it’s an uncommon thing to do during a babymoon. But, we have no time to do it in Singapore until my pregnancy is in 26th weeks. So, while we have so much free time in this babymoon, why not?

We searched for a dentist in Ao Nang area but couldn’t find one. Most clinics that we visited in Ao Nang didn’t have a dentist. Maybe it was a low season when we were there. I read online that in peak season, some dentists will open their practice in Ao Nang but they will practice in Krabi Town during low season.

No luck in finding a dentist in Ao Nang, I browse online for a recommended dentist in Krabi Town. After finding its FB page and read several reviews, I decided to go to Krabi Smile Dental Clinic. The location of the clinic is at the shophouses besides Krabi Outlet Village. Just nice, as we planned to shop at the Outlet too.

Once we reached Smile Dental Clinic, we proceed to the reception. Oh, you need to take off your shoes before you enter the clinic. The staff at the reception speaks little English, but we understand each other without so much lost in translation. In the registration process, we told the staff that we want to do teeth scaling and I am pregnant. She asked the gestational age of my pregnancy and asked me to fill in a form that contains personal details like name, address, phone number.

Smile dental clinic reception and waiting area (photo is taken from Krabi Smile FB page)

After a short wait, my name was called and I proceed to the doctor’s room. The dentist who attended me was female, and she speaks good English. She was aware that I am pregnant, she told me to use my hands as a gesture if I find anything uncomfortable during the cleaning process. The teeth scaling itself took about 15 minutes and it was relatively painless.

Tooth scaling price ranges from THB 700 – 1000, and I was charged THB 800. I have to say it was really affordable, at least compared to teeth scaling price in Singapore, which can be double to triple than that. 

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