Dinner at Bangboo Seafood Halal Restaurant Krabi

It’s not hard to find halal food in Krabi. Within walking distance from our hotel, there is a seafood halal restaurant named Bangboo seafood. This restaurant is actually recommended by the hotel staff. When I browsed it online, the review is not bad. So, why not try?

Here is our review about the restaurant.

The Location 

The location is on the main road of Ao Nang mosque street, just opposite Ao Nang mosque. The restaurant is quite big, it can be easily spotted from the street. The location in Google Maps is accurate too.

The Food

The restaurant has a plenty variety of halal menus to choose from. As this is a halal restaurant, it doesn’t serve alcohol and pork. For fresh seafood, you can basically choose the seafood yourself, weigh them, and have them cook.

These are what we tried for our dinner: squid with oyster sauce, mixed veggies, fried golden bags, coconut, and iced tea. Food tastes yummy. We love everything especially the fried golden bags, it’s crunchy and tasty.

Restaurant Ambience

From the outside, the restaurant looks inviting. There are so many fresh kinds of seafood on the display table that is covered with ice, and also some crabs, lobsters, and fishes in the aquarium. As the name says, the restaurant theme is all about bamboos. The table and chairs are made of bamboos. The eating area is quite wide with a lot of table and chairs, so it’s suitable for family or large group dining.

The Price

For the menu, the price is OK. Not too expensive but not too cheap. I think it’s reasonable considering the portion, the service, and also the venue. 

The Service

The service is fast. We didn’t have to wait too long for the food. The waiters were attentive. Staff understands English and can speak Malay too, which helps to reduce lost in translation 😀

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