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How to Plan a Road Trip Itinerary

Planning a road trip is one exciting activity even before we hit the road. In a modern day like this, it is something that very easy to do. There are many tools such as google maps that can be used to calculate and planning the […]

What to do after arriving in Krabi

So if you are planning to go to Krabi but not sure what to do and how to go from the airport, this post will share our experience. In summary, as usual, we need to pass immigration, pick up the luggage, buy a sim card […]

One Week Babymoon in Krabi

The term babymoon comes from “baby honeymoon”. As the term implies, it is a vacation taken by a couple when they are expecting a baby. A period of time both parents take to relax and spend quality time together before the baby is born. Wifey […]