Must Visit Landmark in Krabi Town

People go to Eiffel Tower when they are in Paris. Tourist will not miss Colosseum during their first visit to Roma. If you go to Singapore, it will be bad if you are not taking a photo with Merlion statue. Hence, Krabi also has Mud Crab Sculpture in the beautiful Krabi Town waterfront area. Since we rent a car during our visit, we made sure we stop in that landmark. It is located in Krabi town which is around 15 Km from Ao Nang beach area.

We thought that Krabi naming comes from Crab because of its rhyme. But according to Wikipedia, the meaning is “Sword”. We are not sure why they put Mud Crab sculpture there. Maybe because crab is a famous cuisine there? Anyway, the sculpture is quite nice and many tourists came there to take some photos.

Parking at The Riverside

The sculpture is located in the side of the river. In google maps the river name is Pak Nam Krabi. To the north of the river, it seemed there are some mangrove area and to the south there were a food street stalls between riverside and the road. We walked down toward the food street stalls in the riverside. Some people offering a boat ride using long tail boat which we declined. The waterfront actually not really bad although it should be upgraded because it looks aged.

River View

Reaching the souther where there were food street stalls, we head back to the north after crossing the street. Actually I was curious to try to street food but I dropped the idea considering wifey that is pregnant, worrying about the food hygiene. There were many offices, stores, hotels and travel agents at the other side of the road. However, the hotels and offices at this side of road all looked shabby and old. Plus the scene of electric cable hanging around adding to the shabbiness of the look.

Shabby View

If we walk one more block to the west direction, there is Maharaj alley where every weekend there are a night market with many street stalls selling various item. They also have the only department store in Krabi, Vogue in that road. Unfortunately we didn’t have chance to visit any of those places. Because once we head back to the place we parked the car, it was starting to dark and we prefer to went back to the hotel.

Head Back to Hotel

Once we reach the place we parked the car, we immediately got into the car and drive back to the hotel. Nothing special along the way back just the sun that is set down. In conclusion, nothing really special we can see in Krabi Town. But if you have some days in Ao Nang, it is no harm to stroll around the town.

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