Massage for Pregnant Lady in Krabi: Ao Nang Haven Review

Massage is one of our must-do agenda during our stay in Krabi. We have two main concerns before deciding which spa to go. One, whether they have a package that is safe for pregnancy. Two, whether they have male therapists for my husband.

I searched online about recommended massage & spa in Krabi. There are several providers recommended by Trip Advisor. After reading all the comments, reviews, and contact one of massage providers, we decided to go to Ao Nang Haven Massage.

So, here is our review of Ao Nang Haven Massage:


The spa looks small from outside so it might be unnoticed at the first glance. The location is good, just at the side of the main road. The place can be found accurately by google maps.

Responsiveness to inquiries

They cannot be reached by telephone, but very responsive on Facebook chat. The telephone number stated on its Facebook page and Google Maps details cannot be reached. However, they responded to all of my inquiries promptly by Facebook messager.


Upon arrival at the spa, the staff served a welcome drink for us. After that, they will ask what packages that we want to have, and hand in a registration form. In the registration form, there are some points of etiquette agreement. One of the points is to turn off mobile phone and make very minimum or no noise while enjoying the service. I think this is good that they emphasize this, to make sure the convenience of the guests. After finished with the massage, they served the guest a cup hot drink (I think it was a ginger tea).

Ginger tea and Guest etiquette














The package we had

I had foot & reflexology massage, and hubby had sore relief back & shoulders massage. Here’s the overview and what we think of both.

Foot and reflexology costs THB 450 for 1.5 hours

This is the package that they recommend for pregnant ladies. I had massage are on feet, legs, brief massage on my head, arms, light back massage for 15 minutes at the end of the massage session. To note, they were aware that I am pregnant, so they apply no pressure when massaging the foot. I had a female therapist and a good massage.

Sore relief back & shoulders costs THB 600 for 1.5 hours

The male therapist seems an outsourced person because he just came after we reached and not wearing the company uniform. Nevertheless, according to hubby, the massage service is good, although I slightly doubt the accuracy of hubby’s assessment because he rarely has a massage.

Payment and tip

Payment is made right after we were done with our tea. They only accept cash. Tip for the therapist is varied. It’s common to give THB 50 – 100/ therapist, but it’s totally up to us.

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