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Eating Halal during New Zealand Road Trip

Halal means permissible. It is often applicable for things that can be eaten by muslim. The simple rule is, no pork, no alcohol and for the permissible meat, it needs to be slaughtered in proper method. Animal with sharp teeth is not permissible to eat. […]

Dinner at Bangboo Seafood Halal Restaurant Krabi

It’s not hard to find halal food in Krabi. Within walking distance from our hotel, there is a seafood halal restaurant named Bangboo seafood. This restaurant is actually recommended by the hotel staff. When I browsed it online, the review is not bad. So, why […]

Universal Studio Singapore Review

Visiting Singapore for family time? Universal Studio is totally recommended. Loads of attractions and fun happens there. USS opens at 10 AM to 9 PM. We suggest visiting USS as early as possible so you’ll have more time to spend and get the maximum fun […]