Changi Airport Terminal 4 Review

Singapore Changi airport has opened it newest terminal on 31 October 2017. But we only had chance to visit the terminal last weekend on 12 November 2017. We were not travelling, therefore we could only access the public area of the terminal. Had we attended the open house that conducted on August 2017, we would have taken a chance to see the transit area as well. But regardless of that, we always can visit the transit area if we fly using any airline that is based in the terminal.


As the time of this writing, these are the airlines that fly from terminal 4.

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Korean Air
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Air Asia
  • Cebu Pacific Air
  • Spring Airlines

Changi airport website provides must up to date airlines list in t4.


One unfortunate fact about the terminal is the integration with other terminal could be better. Currently, all t1, t2 and t3 are integrated very well by skytrain and walking. T4 is located in different area and can only be reached from t2 using a shuttle bus. We believe in near future the transportation will be much better.

How to Get There

How to get to T4 will be depend what transport you use to the airport. If you ride a train, currently the train can go directly to either T2 and T3. There is a shuttle bus available that ferries people between T2 and T4. It is a short ride maybe around less than 10 minutes. The bus is brand new and pretty convenience.

For public bus rider, bus number 24, 34, 36 and 110 stop directly in T4. Unfortunately 27, 53 or 858 that actually stop in all T1 to T3 do not stop directly in T4 but in the Airport Boulevard outside the terminal. The better option if you still want to ride those bus that do not in T4 is to go to T2 first using shuttle and ride the public bus from there.

If you come by taxi or driving, then to get to the T4 just need to ask the driver or follow the GPS. Please note that at the time of this writing, google maps doesn’t return result for Changi Terminal 4 search.

Shuttle Bus

As have been said above, the shuttle bus offers quite convenience transport between T2 and T4. From T2, the pickup point is in the T2 arrival hall level 1. In T4 the bus stop in the departure area. For return trip, we need to go down to T4 arrival to ride the shuttle back to T2. During the transition there were also quite many staffs assisting and giving information along the way.

Shuttle Bus

Public Area Review

Personally, I see T4 quiet has a similar look as other Changi terminals. The modern touches are similar with any other terminal in Changi. It is huge and clean.

Some significant features that we encountered are, automatic baggage drop off point and new design of immigration check point. The automatic baggage drop off is not really something new in any other airport because even many other airports already have this for some time. But it is good for Changi airport attempt to catching up.

Automatic Baggage Drop

The change in the immigration check is that they separate the area for automatic immigration clearance with staffed clearance. Recently, it is possible for non resident such as tourist to pre-register their biometric when entering Singapore so that they can use automatic clearance when leaving Singapore.

Departure Immigration Check

Outside of main airport features stated above. T4 also offers 2 new experiences.

The first one is called as Theatre of Experience. Basically it is a huge LCD display in the wall that is visible from checkin public area. In that display some videos are presented, such as Singapore attractions and also stories such as Heritage Facade and Peranakan Love Story.

The second experience is called Art That Moves You. This experience is about several moving arts and sculptures installed in several area of the T4.

Dining and Halal Option

In public area, the restaurants are mostly located in level 2 and some also available in level B1. There is Food Emporium food court by NTUC in level 2 for more budget option. In that food court also available some halal stalls, although at the time of our visit, the halal certification is still in process.

Prayer Room

As other Changi terminals, prayer room only available in transit area. In T4, it is located at Departure Transit, Level 2M, Transit Area. So, if you need to pray in public area, you need to find a quiet corner yourself.

Travelogee Impression

What We Like

As usual, Changi is always amazed us with its offering. The terminal look is undeniably mesmerising. Many new feature additions are also will make the departure and arrival to the terminal feels more enjoyable.

What We Don’t Like

There is still inconvenience for transfer option to other terminals. But shuttle bus that currently already available should be good enough to fill the gap while waiting a more seamless transfer integration in future.

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