A Tranquil day at Hill Safari Eco Lodge


This accommodation is actually recommended by a friend. Looking at the details online, it seems that it is a tranquil place. Plus, we were also looking for an accommodation as close as possible to Horton Plains. So, we decided to stay at Hill Safari Eco Lodge.

Hill Safari Eco Lodge is a good option for those who want to start very early to Horton Plains National Park. It is remotely located inside Horton Plains National Park area. Hence, the surroundings are still pure nature.


Since we are self-driving, we rely on Google Maps to navigate us. The pinned location in Google Maps is pretty accurate. However, there is no mobile connection, let alone internet, from the last kilometers of the route.

I would say the location of this accommodation is remote, in the middle of tea plantation within Horton Plains National Park area. As it is located on the mountain, the way to Hill Safari is full of bends and uphill. The road is asphalt but narrow. We needed to drive very slowly if there was another vehicle from the opposite direction. On the last kilometers approaching Hill Safari, the road was a bit rough hard soil. It was even narrower. If you drive your own car, you should be really prepared and skillful because one side of the road is a cliff. The trip towards this accommodation was a thrill.

The route to Hill Safari Eco Lodge (asphalt road)

The Facility

This accommodation is more like a guest house. It has 5 guest rooms, 1 living area, 1 dining area, and 1 small recreation area for a foosball table.

Lobby-slash-common area (photo: TripAdvisor)
Dining area (photo: kisstravelling.com)

The Service

When we reached Hill Safari, we were greeted by a friendly staff. He helped us to park and took care of our luggage too. Upon our arrival, the staff showed directed us to our room and prepared a welcoming tea for both of us. It was really relaxing to have a hot tea while enjoying the surrounding nature view.

Dinner and breakfast are included in the room price. We have no choice than to enjoy the meal served in the accommodation since there is nothing surrounds except the tea plantations. The food is great. We had jasmine rice, chicken curry, veggies and some fruits when we stayed there. For those who want to leave early in the morning for World’s Ends, breakfast can be packed. Just tell the staff the night before if you would like to have such arrangement.

The Room

Unfortunately, we could only book the economic room for our date of arrival. Even though it doesn’t have the best view, the room is decent. It has an attached shower and toilet with hot water, a queen bed, a rack and a dresser.


  • The route to this accommodation is challenging. Make sure to arrive at Hill Safari during daylight.
  • There is no mobile network in the area. Do not stay in this hotel if you need a constant internet connection (for work or personal websites), and download an offline map before going to this place.
  • Bring cash. The accommodation doesn’t accept cards.
  • Bring along enough supplies with you, as it is very remote. There are no shops nearby.

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