Diamond Lake Camp Ground Review

After visiting Wanaka, Diamond Lake camp ground was one of the nearest free camp ground we could find. Basically it was just a parking lot for people who would like to walk to the Diamond Lake. But hey, it is free, even if it is just parking lot, it is more than enough for us.


The camp ground is located about 18 Km from Wanaka. The driving time will be less than 20 minutes.

The Campsite

It is parking lot which can hold up to 20 cars parked side by side. There was a long drop toilet, but we didn’t use it because we had everything in our self contained campervan.

The camp ground doesn’t have much views. We can see some hills at one side and at the other side just quiet road. The lake was not visible because it was located behind the hill.

Plain View from The Van

Not far from the park there were some trails route. We tried to go to the Diamond Lake itself. It was pretty nice.


Campsite Detail

  • Cost: Free
  • Overnight stay rule: Self-contained vehicles only
  • Toilet: long drop toilet

Travelogee Impression

We stayed in the camp ground on 17 May 2017.

What We Like

Located near Wanaka at the side of the road.

What We Don’t Like

The camp ground is a bit small. There is no good view.


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