Eating Halal during New Zealand Road Trip

Halal means permissible. It is often applicable for things that can be eaten by muslim. The simple rule is, no pork, no alcohol and for the permissible meat, it needs to be slaughtered in proper method. Animal with sharp teeth is not permissible to eat. As a safe resort, most sea creatures are halal.

As muslim traveler, we have to ensure we are abiding this halal rule for the things that we consume during the trip. This post will share what halal food to eat during your road trip.

Bring Your Own Ready to Eat Food

The easiest way we can do to ensure the “halalness” of the food is to bring our own food. We brought dried packaged anchovies, packaged flossy beef, packaged chili, and instant noodle in this trip. Those foods need to be packaged and we need to declare it in the New Zealand custom form so that we can bring those in to the country. We also brought a rice cooker so that we can have steam rice for the meal.


As stated above, most sea creatures are considered halal by default. So when we do groceries, purchasing fish is the safest and easiest option beside vegetarian food. Furthermore, fish like salmon is very easy to cook.

Tegel Chicken

At the time of our visit, Tegel chicken is halal as stated in its website.

Are Tegel Halal accredited?
To meet customer requests and international market access requirements, our poultry is processed according to halal standards and New Zealand’s animal welfare laws.

Tegel Foods is halal certified by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (NZIDT). Our processing plants have halal certification and Tegel products (fresh and frozen) are halal when leaving our manufacturing sites.


When you don’t want to cook, in many cities across the country you can find kebab stall which most of the time is halal because is owned by muslim.

After all, cooking your own food is the easiest choice to ensure consuming halal food because we can shop for the raw ingredients. Cooking in campervan is also very exciting activity to do. After cooking, enjoying the food on your camping table and chairs while facing glamorous nature view will leave you an experience that can’t be described by words.

If you think there is another halal option outside above list please leave your comment.


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