New Blue Home Ella Review

On our road trip in Sri Lanka, we visited in Ella for 1 day and stayed in New Blue Home. When we searched Ella accommodations in, we were actually surprised that there are so many hotels and homestay in Ella. Quite many for a countryside. I searched accommodations with high rating review, and this place is one of them with an affordable price compared to other accommodation in Ella.

New Blue Home is more like a guest house rather than a hotel. We had a nice stay there. We will share our review about New Blue Home in this post.

The Location

New Blue Home is located quite a distance from the crowd of Ella’s town center. On foot, it is approximately a 10 minutes walk. But when we drive, it took only about 3 minutes from Ella town center to this accommodation.

The guest house is not located exactly along the main road. From the main road, we drove about 100 meters into a narrow alley to reach to reach New Blue Home. As the alley is quite narrow, it only fit one vehicle and we need to take a turn if there is another car or tuk-tuk from the opposite direction.

The Facility

New Blue Home has everything we need for our stay. It has a parking space for about 3 to 4 cars, guest rooms with private bathroom, and quite spacy common area with chairs and tables on the porch of the guest rooms.

The entrance gate is ascending and a bit narrow, enough for one vehicle to enter. So, we need to drove our car carefully to pass the slope.

After entering the gate, there is a reception room at the left side. The staff is very nice and friendly.

The Entrance Gate
The Reception (blue counter) and a parking space
Another parking space in front of guest rooms
The Common Area

The Room 

For a humble homestay, New Blue Home’s cleanliness is superb. Every room has a comfortable bed, a standing fan, a clothes rack, a dressing table, and a hairdryer. The private bathroom has a shower, a washbasin, and a sitting toilet. There is a free wifi available at the accommodation too.

The toilet inside the room

The Service

The staff of New Blue Home is very nice and friendly. Upon our arrival, we got a complimentary welcome drink and snack. After we put all of our baggage in our room, the staff served us a Sri Lanka tea and some biscuits. It was refreshing and relaxing to have a cup of hot tea and biscuit on a rainy afternoon while sitting in on the porch.

Breakfast is available with additional charge. However, we didn’t have a chance to try it as we need to leave Ella very early in the morning.


What We Like

  • The cleanliness
  • The friendly staff
  • The welcome drink and biscuits. We would love to have it again!

What We Don’t Like

  • The common area is located exactly in front of guest rooms. We were bothered by the sound of loud TV and conversations of one family at night while we tried to have a rest. When we complained to the staff, he actually had politely warned the guests. Well, inconsiderate people do exist.

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