Lake Wakatipu Camp Ground Review

We drove back from Milford Sound around afternoon but we only reached back to Te Anau around sunset. We were not sure where to stay at the night but we decided to drive as close possible to Queenstown our next destination. Hence, we decided to stay in this camp ground.


We reached Te Anau around 6PM. We refilled the gas and also our stomach. There was on Subway near the Te Anau gas station. We had a tuna bread for takeaway from the menu.

The Wakatipu camp ground is located about 130 Km from Te Anau. At the other end, it is about 60 Km to Quenstown. That makes this camp ground a good place to stop at that night. However, since it was already dark when we left Te Anau, we need to drive carefully in the dark towards the camp ground. The road were fine and actually pretty empty. But it seemed both of us were sleepy, therefore we took turn in driving. We also ate the subway dinner while driving.

The Campsite

Because it was dark, the signage of the camp ground on the road was not very clear. But we just followed google maps and turn left in Kingston road once the map told. We followed a short unsealed road inside. Not really far we have seen some vans parked beside the lake. We took some time to find a good surface to stop while also ensuring not really close with any other cars.

The camping area was not really huge. On the night we stayed, there were about 6 to 7 campervans. Some others came later at night. But in the morning, only few and I think we were the last who left the camp ground.

Morning Photo

In the morning, we spent sometime walk around the camp ground. We took some photos and I also flew the drone, after ensuring the area is not a non-flying zone.

Very Nice Lake Wakatipu View

Campsite Detail

  • Cost: Free
  • Overnight stay rule: Self-contained vehicles only
  • Toilet: didn’t check

Travelogee Impression

We stayed in the camp ground on 15 May 2017.

What We Like

Beautiful camp ground with view to the lake. It is strategically located near Queenstown which is best for someone who is driving to and from the city.

What We Don’t Like

It is located not far from main road so we can hear the sound of car passing. The camp area also not too large.


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