Milford Sound Lodge Holiday Park Review

We had spent two nights in freedom camping when heading to Milford Sound. Hence, we needed to stay in paid camp ground, because as usual after some freedom camping, our campervan will need water top up. Based on our itinerary, we had to stay at Milford Sound area. Therefore, we booked the camp ground via phone call, even before reaching Te Anau. Because there was no phone signal almost immediately after leaving Te Anau.


At the time of this writing, Milford Sound Lodge was the only camp ground in Milford Sound. The only other options for camp ground available were in Te Anau, several hundred Km away. Alternatively, there were some Department of Conservation (DOC) paid affordable camp grounds along the way about 40-50 Km before Milford Sound. Please note that, although the DOC camp ground fee can be as cheap as $6 per person per night, but there is no facility at all.

Entrance from The Main Road

Milford Sound Lodge was located near the heart of Milford Sound. The distance to cruise center, the main attraction in the area, was only around 3 Km. There was Cleddau River beside the camp ground. But other than that, there are almost nothing else in the surrounding, except some forests and wilderness.


The Campsite

The camp ground is well maintained and has many types of lodging. From a cabin, powered campsite and unpowered campsite.

When we reach the place, we stop by in the reception area. There were some young and friendly staffs in the reception and one of them greeted us. The processing is always the same. We stated that we had booked a site, then she asked our detail, our car number and name. After that she gave us the site number and the camp ground map.

The Reception

After completing the registration process, we went out back to the parked car outside. Then we drove to the Milford Sound parking lot, which is located outside of the holiday park. We had to dump out dirty water and toilet and that facilities were not available in the camp ground. We rushed a bit because the day was getting dark. After finished dumping, we headed back to the camp ground and went directly to our camp site.

As usual, once we reached the camp site, we divided tasks. Wifey prepared dinner and I setup the van: plugged the electric socket and filled the van water tank. Then immediately after that I went for a hot shower in public toilet. Although the van had shower, it always more convenient to have shower in permanent bathroom, because we don’t need to bother about water supply.

The Campsite Area


Campsite Detail

  • Cost: $54 for powered site
  • Toilet: very nice toilet
  • Kitchen and Lounge: very nice facilities but we didn’t use much
  • Laundry: 2 coin operated washing machine and 2 dryers. One room with heater and fan

Travelogee Impression

We stayed in the camp ground on 14 May 2017.

What We Like

This camp is pretty descent. The facilities are good. The camp site offers good privacy. The site were divided by some trees. The river beside the campsite also has very amazing view.

What We Don’t Like

The price is a bit expensive. There is no place to dump grey water and toilet. We need to go to Milford Sound parking lot to do so.


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