Hiking Little Adam’s Peak in Ella

Seems everyone already knows the famous Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. It is believed to be the first place where Adam set his foot after being cast out of heaven. Meanwhile, Little Adam’s Peak in Ella got almost a similar name because it has a similar shape.

As we had a limited time in Ella, we decided only to hike Little Adam’s Peak in Ella and continue our road trip to the next destination.

We started to walk to the peak early in the morning. It was a bit drizzling. We parked our car at the side of the main road and began to walk to the peak.

The Route

The hiking route started on a wide paved path. This path is enough for a single car or Tuk-Tuk. There are tea plantations surrounds, the view is beautiful and relaxing, especially in that cold and rather quiet morning. The paved road lies maybe only 1/4 of the way.

The paved road

After the paved road, the route leads us to an ascending hard soil. You will never be bored walking along this route because the amazing view continues. It even gets better as we approach the peak.

Halfway up

As the walk continues, the path becomes steeper. There are a lot of steps approaching the peak. Don’t forget to catch a breath and look behind. The view is spectacular.

Reaching the peak, the view is even more breathtaking. Wherever you look is amazing, 360 degrees! We stayed a while at the peak, taking pictures, enjoy the view before heading back.

The steps. It means you almost reach the top!
Catching our breath and cheers to the splendid view behind us.
The view from Little Adam’s Peak

Going down from Little Adam’s Peak, there was one coconut stall, named Coconut Passion. We actually already saw it on our way to the top but were not really in the mood of having one. On our way going down, we were thirsty and would like to have a refreshment. So, we went into the stall.

The stall is small with some sitting area facing a beautiful view of mountains. The seller is very nice. He offered us to try their special drink: coconut, pineapple, and lemon. It tastes really great!

Having coconut drink at Coconut Passion

Overall, hiking Little Adam’s Peak was an easy hike. Total distance from the main road to the peak is about 2 Km (from the main road to the peak)


For those who wish to hike Little Adam’s Peak, we have some tips for you:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Apply sunblock
  • Bring your (disposable) raincoat as the weather may change suddenly
  • Bring water, stay dihydrated


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