One day in Ella: A Small Touristy Town in Sri Lanka

Ella is the 3rd destination of our road trip in Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful small town located in Badulla district. Ella has more wonderful nature to explore, like Ravana Ella Falls, Nine Arches Bridge, Little Adam’s Peak, and so on.

We reached Ella in one fine afternoon. Reaching Ella, we went directly to our pre-booked accommodation at New Blue Home, to drop all of our baggage and take care of our wet shoes after trekking at Horton Plains.

The Town Center

We only had a chance to explore Ella town center in the afternoon. The roads are wet at that time. We assumed that it was raining before we reached there.

The town center is vibrant. It seems that Ella is the headquarter backpackers. It was surprising to us that this countryside is full of tourist.

The town center is not big. In fact, it only lies along 1 km road with a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars on both sides. There are also many backpacker hostels or homestay in the town center.

It is best to explore the town center on foot. As it is a small town, proximity to one place to the other is not too far. Another mode of transport in Ella is, of course, Tuk-Tuk. It can be found easily along the road. If you drive your car to Ella town center, finding a parking lot may be tricky when it is crowded. Roadside becomes the main parking area for most vehicle in the town center.

Basically, Ella is a nice town to relax and enjoy the countryside of Sri Lanka. As we only had one day in Ella, we only had a chance to have a dinner at Mount Haven Restaurant and hiking Little Adam’s Peak. We will share the story of each in a separate post.

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