All Day Bay Wainakarua Road Camp Ground Review

After staying at paid camp park the day before at Twizel Holiday Park, we can do freedom camping again on the next day. Since we came from Lake Pukaki area, this place was the closest and best free camp park we can find in the vicinity. This might be one of the best camping spot we ever had.


The campsite is about 17 Km from Oamaru, the largest city in the area. Oamaru itself is more than 150 Km from Lake Pukaki. We didn’t do much in Oamaru, except stocking up groceries in Woolworth.

From Oamaru, we just need to follow Beach Road, Kakanui Road then keep driving until reaching Waianakarua Road. There is also one free campsite in Kakanui Road, but that campsite is not as good as the one we stayed. The campsite is between an unamed lake that borders with beach.

The Campsite

The campsite was very beautiful and quiet. As has been said above, it is located between a lake and beach. At night we only can heard ocean waves, some unknown animals sound from distance and some cars that still passed in the early evening. However as night went by, almost no car passed anymore.

The only small concern that we had was the campsite is very small. We also only can camp in the indicated area. Stopping in prohibited section can risk you to pay a fine if there is an inspection. We camped there during off peak season so that there were not too many people parked. But in the peak season, I believe this campsite will be more crowded.

The Campsite Close Up

Campsite Detail

  • Cost: Free
  • Overnight stay rule: Self-contained vehicles only
  • Toilet: Long Drop Toilet (we didn’t check or use it)

Travelogee Impression

We stayed in the camp ground on 12 May 2017.

What We Like

  • Very beautiful Campsite that will be a good stop for someone who came from Lake Pukaki or Oamaru and want to go to Dunedin or other southern towns.
  • The campsite is located by the beach. The sunrise is very beautiful.

What We Don’t Like

The campsite is small and exactly beside the road. It will be noisy when cars are passing.


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