Camping Etiquette: How to be a Good Camper

Camping is all about relaxing, zoning off from routines and having a quality time. But to bear in mind, there are other campers that have the same intention during their camping time. It’s important to be considerate and respect others while we camp.

This post is about some etiquettes that you need to keep in mind when you camp. If you are new to camping, it’s something that you need to be aware of. If you’re a camping expert, just treat it as a reminder.

Know the rules of the campground or national parks

The first thing to be paid attention when you visit a new place is its local rules. Same thing goes for visiting a campground. Be sure to understand and respect the rules.

Keep your distance

Do not park too close to other campers. This is about respecting others privacy.

Keep noises down

Respect the quiet hours. If you are not sure what the hours are like, browse or simply ask. Every camper has their own pace of travel. Some campers might just have a long day and need to rest early. Some other campers might also want to leave early on the next day. By keeping your noises down, these campers must be thankful to you!

Leave no trace

Be sure to clean up everything after use so that it will be ready for the next use.

  • Clean up the┬ácommon kitchen after use
  • Flush the toilet
  • Clean your trash and campsites, and so on.

Do not hog on the shared facility for too long

If you are using a shared facility, please be considerate. There are many examples for this.

  • Don’t wash dishes in the bathroom.
  • Move your food from the stove as long as you finish cooking, to let others use the stove too.
  • Keep an alarm when you do laundry. Take out your clothes from the laundry machine as soon as it finishes.

Respect nature and wildlife

One of the important thing to do as a responsible camper is to respect nature and wildlife. It can be as simple as not leaving any trash in nature, extinguish your fire after a campfire, and not chopping a tree branch for your fire.

Basically, these etiquette is about common sense. But sometimes you can be caught up with the fun when you camp. It’s no harm to keep reminding ourselves about this etiquette so that everyone can enjoy camp to the fullest.

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