Short Introduction to Campervanning

I and my wife love doing road trips using a campervan. We have traveled by a campervan in Australia and New Zealand three times so far. Some of those early experiences make us crave to have more and more trips. Should I say it is addicting? We encourage for everybody to try at least once in a lifetime. It is because road trip with campervan is not like any other experience.

Talking about a road trip, I like road trip since long time ago. I did it a lot during my teenager and my twentieth by riding a motorbike. I love riding a motorbike so much and has visited some nice places in Indonesia, at least that is close to my hometown.

As a kid, I often dream to have a very big car that can accommodate my family and extended family as well. So I imagined having a very big van that can fit, my parents, my sisters, grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunties, and cousins and nephews. We would have a road trip to visit nice places. In my imagination, the van would have a small kitchen, toilet, and shower so that we can drive to many places without the need to stay at a lodge. Some years after that kid wild dream, the same kid that becomes an adult now has encountered the same concept he dreams about in term call Campervanning.

What is a Campervan?

Campervan comes from the word camper and van. Camper is people who camp, usually in nature place like Lakeside, Riverside, or somewhere in the forest or national park.

Meanwhile, a van is … a van. It varies in size as well as the amenities that it has inside. The minimum amenities that a campervan has is usually a bed. Commonly, it’s not a fixed bed but beds that are converted from some section of the van. Converting can be done usually by sliding some panel and put side cushion to be a base for the bed. Of course, we should have pillows and a warm donna too.

In short, a campervan is a vehicle that serves the purpose of transporting and accommodating at the same time. It’s a mode of comfortable camping.

Why campervanning?

Campervanning brings a unique experience of traveling. As a transport and accommodation all in one, campervanning allows us to explore new places at its best. By driving a campervan, we can stop anywhere we like with an immediate availability of accommodation. We have our home wherever we go. Sounds cool, right?

For us personally, campervanning brings us closer to nature. We can camp in the middle of a forest, by the beach, in front of the lake, or at the base of a mountain. What can be better waking up to the sunrise at the beach? or having a hot morning tea facing a beautiful lake? or waking up by the chirp of birds in the forest? What a priceless experience! That want makes us keep craving for more campervan trips.

The Introduction

For some those who are new to campervanning, we will share what we know about it based on our experience. We will divide the introduction into seven parts. You can go to these respective post to find out more.

  1. Understand types of campervans that is suitable for your trip
  2. How to find a cheap campervan for rental
  3. Tips to drive a campervan for beginner
  4. Where to camp during your campervan trip
  5. Camping etiquette: how to be a good camper
  6. Useful mobile apps for your campervan road trip
  7. Preparing for the unexpected in a campervan trip


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