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Apps That You Need for New Zealand Road Trip

Long time ago, you will need a physical map for a road trip. Nowadays, road trip is much easier even in the most foreign countries by using a smartphone and plethora of mobile application. This post will share what apps that is useful for your […]

Tips: How to Find Cheap Campervan for Rental

A campervan road trip is not something very cheap. You will need to throw extra bucks compared to renting a regular car. However, by doing the right booking “tricks”, we still can get a budget-friendly campervan. In this post, we will share our experience about […]

Campervan Driving Tips for Beginner

Is it difficult to drive a campervan and driving it in a foreign country? It is daunting at the beginning, but you will get adjusted very fast. Before starting campervanning, I have never driven any large car before until we booked a VW Crafter on […]

How to Plan a Road Trip Itinerary

Planning a road trip is one exciting activity even before we hit the road. In a modern day like this, it is something that very easy to do. There are many tools such as google maps that can be used to calculate and planning the […]

Short Introduction to Campervanning

I and my wife love doing road trips using a campervan. We have traveled by a campervan in Australia and New Zealand three times so far. Some of those early experiences make us crave to have more and more trips. Should I say it is […]

New Zealand South Island Road Trip in 12 Days

New Zealand is like no other. First of all, this is a country where kiwi can be a fruit, a flightless bird or how people name themselves. Second, it is located thousands of kilometers from others closest settlements. Then, the people are sparsely populated, but […]