Dinner by the Mountain at Mount Heaven Restaurant Ella

Ella is a beautiful town in UVA province Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by mountains and valley, which makes the surrounding view is majestic. During our visit in Ella, we accidentally find Mount Heaven Restaurant when we drove along Wellawaya-Ella-Kumbalwella Highway. The restaurant is located approximately 4Km from Ella town center. The view along the way is scenic.

Scenic drive from Ella town center to the restaurant

Well, actually we just wanted to have a good dinner at that day after a 10K trekking at Horton Plains. We never thought that we would have an amazing view as a bonus.

We arrived at the restaurant about 6 PM, so it was an early dinner. There were not so many guests at the moment we arrived. Maybe it was just not the time for having a dinner yet.

As the restaurant is exactly on the side of the highway, the parking area is on the roadside. I think it can be occupied by a dozen of cars.

There are two seating areas in the restaurant: indoor and outdoor. We chose to sit on the outdoor porch which allows us to enjoy the picturesque view of Ella Valley. The service was good. The staff was attentive and food came out pretty fast.

The menu is quite varied: Indian, Asian, and Sri Lankan. Hubby had a curry chicken rice and I had a seafood fried rice. We were surprised when the menu came, it was a huge portion! Besides the food, we also order hot tea. It was served in a teapot with a separate sugar bowl. As for the price, we think that it was a reasonable price for the food, service and the lovely view.

Overall, we had a nice early dinner at Mount Heaven Restaurant. The food was good and the view was amazing too. What a nice way to enjoy Ella!

The view from the restaurant


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