3-course dinner at Phu Pi Maan Resort & Spa

When we checked-in at Phu Pi Maan resort, they gave us a special discount coupon for a welcome dinner at the resort restaurant. It is actually valid for the first night, but they told us that we can use it at any nights as we would stay there for 5 nights.

So, we decided to have the dinner at the restaurant on our 3rd night. The location of the restaurant is in the new building, on the hillside of the resort. It’s the same place where the guest has breakfast every day. From our room, we were transported by a buggy, only about 2 minutes ride.

We usually had our breakfast there. So, visiting the restaurant in the evening is a different experience. The atmosphere is romantic, with dimmed lights and a nice view facing Ao Nang from the top.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by some friendly resort staffs. We handed gave them the special rate coupon and they gave us the menu.

There is three broad menu that we could choose Thai, Indian or Western. We ordered Journey Thai Experience menu, but two different set of dinner for me and hubby. Hubby ordered Sun Set, and I ordered Moon Set. Each set has a different combination of main course dishes, but same appetizer and dessert.


The appetizer we had was 1pc Por Piah Pak and 1pc Golden Bag for each pax. Por Piah Pak is a deep fried vegetable spring roll with plum sauce, while Golden Bag is chicken and prawns in a spring rolls skin bag.


Main Course

For the main course, we expected something small. One plate with a little bit of each dishes. But, when our main course came, it took us by surprise. The main dessert was served in one tray that contains few small plates and bowl filled with different dishes. The portion for one person was huge. One set of it could actually be enough for both of us.

Sun Set menu for hubby contains Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup with lemongrass and galangal), Keang Kiaw Waan Gai (green chicken curry with eggplant and basil leaves), Phad Woon Sen Karham Plee (sautéed grass noodle with cabbage and egg), and Kao Suai Hom Mari (jasmine rice).

Sunset menu

Moon Set menu for wifey contains Gai Phad Med Ma Muang (sautéed chicken with cashew nuts, capsicum, and onion), Massaman Nua (massaman beef curry with onions and potato), Phad Pak Ruam Mitr (sautéed mix vegetable in oyster sauce), and Kao Suai Hom Mari (jasmine rice).

Moon set menu


For the dessert, we had Kuai Buad Chee (banana in sweet coconut milk). But because we are too full, we asked if it’s possible to deliver the dessert to our room to have later. The friendly staff was very accommodating. They had one person to deliver the dessert to our room later that evening.

To us, the food tasted great, the service was prime, and the price is affordable even before the special discount. Recommended to try once you stay at Phu Pi Maan resort.

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