Twizel Holiday Park Review

After two nights of freedom camping, our campervan almost run out fresh water supply. Our grey water tank and toilet also need to be drained.We also have to do a laundry. On top of that, we need to charge our devices, hence we need to plug the car into the power outlet which only possible in a paid campervan park. On our third-night road trip in New Zealand South Island, we stayed at Twizel Holiday Park.


Twizel Holiday Park is not far from Lake Pukaki. We stayed here after our day visit to Mount Cook. After comparing the price and also our itinerary plan, Twizel was our best place to stay at that night.

The Campsite

We reached the site late in the afternoon. We got a spot not far from public amenities. The campsite has not too much light at night, which is what we preferred.

All of the sites are unpaved. At every parking lot, there is a freshwater facet and an electric plug. Nothing much special. The grey water dump hole is located near the entrance. So, we cannot drain the grey water and plug to the electricity and fresh water at the same time.

There was a public kitchen which also serves as a lounge where we can watch tv or just read a book. In the laundry, there were some washing machines and two dryers. The dryer was a bit spoiled because it kept stopping in the middle of drying. The toilets are clean and decent.

We left in the next morning after refilling water and dumping out all remaining grey water. For the toilet cassette, we need to dump it in dump point near the exit. When we came out there were several cars that queued. After waiting some time, we parked our van beside the dump point. Then we took out the toilet cassette while preparing the toilet chemical. After that, we poured the content of the cassette to the hole of the dump point. Then we rinse the cassette, add a bit of water and put the toilet chemical. Last we put the cassette back under the toilet seat.

Then after that, we took one photo outside of the campsite and continue driving south to our next destination.

Campsite Detail

  • Cost: $40 powered camp site
  • Toilet: Nice toilet
  • Kitchen and Lounge: Didn’t really check it
  • Laundry: 2 coin operated laundry machines and 2 dryers

Travelogee Impression

We stayed in the camp ground on 11 May 2017.

What We Like

The location is close to Lake Pukaki and Tekapo. The community kitchen and the lounge are pretty nice.

What We Don’t Like

The dryer machine was a bit spoiled. It always stops running in the middle of drying.


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