Useful Apps for Singapore Public Transport

Navigating public transport can be tricky, especially if you are new to the area. Luckily these days we can almost find anything on the internet. The rise of mobile applications offers a great help to solve this problem. To plan your trip using Singapore public transport, there are some apps that we find useful.


Gothere app allows you to know where to go from one point to another by displaying possible routes and transport. First, you need to type in your destination and your location. Then the apps will generate possible routes by different modes of transportation available along with trip durations as well as the total fares.

You can download the apps from here for iTunes.

Finding your route using Gothere app app allows you to monitor a lot of things, from MRT route, bus arrival time, bus services, journey planner, night buses, etc.

Here is the link to download app for android and apple.

Some features of app


Knowing your bus arrival time

Google Maps

Google maps can navigate Singapore public transport pretty accurately. When you type your starting point and destination, there will be several options appear: by car, public transport, walking, cycling or by plane. Make sure you opt for public transport mode.

Singapore public transport navigation using Google Maps

Comfort Del Gro 

Comfort Del Gro is a taxi booking apps by a Singapore taxi company. It allows you to make a booking online, by typing your pick up point and destination. You may get fare estimation too.

Please note that there are several surcharges applied to public taxi:

  • Midnight surcharge: 50% from metered fare
  • Peak hour surcharge: 25% from metered fare
  • City area surcharge: $3.00
  • Location surcharge: $3.00 – $5.00

In my opinion, this options is best to take if you travel with children. In Singapore, children are not required to sit in a car seat in a taxi company like this. So you don’t have to worry to carry around car seat if you are traveling with kids.

Comfort Del Gro mobile apps


This online car-sharing platform is well-known worldwide. The good news is, you can use this app in Singapore. By using Uber app, you can book a private car to take you to your destinations. If you are new to Uber, you are entitled $10 discount if you register through this link.

One thing to note if you are traveling with children, Singapore law enforces the use of car seat on private cars. Yes, it includes Uber. However, you can opt for Uber car seat if you need one. Pricewise, it’s more expensive compared to the regular fare.

Uber mobile app


Grab is an online ride-hailing platform that is well-known in South East Asia. You can simply enter your pick-up point and destinations. Then the app will generate the closest driver available to your location. Similar to Uber, passengers with children are required to use the car seat to ride Grab.

There is one downside of online car sharing platforms like Uber and Grab. The charge is upon demand. If there’s a high demand, the price will increase significantly.

Grab mobile app


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