The Night at Milford Sound

On Milford Sound Lodge, the only campervan park in Milford Sound, I am writing. It is 10.30 pm. It is not pitch black outside and not too lonely. There are many other visitor campervan on the left and right. The dining lounge light situated about 100 meters beside our car is just turned off but there are few lamp scatered around the park. The cafe in reception building was closed one and half hour ago. All people returned to their car or lodge. The night becomes quiet but when you step outside the sky is so bright with stars.

I have step in and out from our campervan to laundry room for several times to do laundry and to dry it. Need to back on forth because there were some queues people washing their clothes. Just now, I saw a small wild animal before I entered the car. The size is like a cat but I am not sure what it was. I was afraid it was a wild dog. But later, I realised it looks like a racoon. It shaked a bush beside the car then it surfaced but shy and run away while I immediately jump in to the car because I thought it was a dog. Then I write this story while waiting the laundry.

In the background a fan heater sound is buzzing warming one out of 3 sleeping area in the van. My wife has slept, it seem she is tired after driving for some hundred kilometers today. In the first few nights, we slept over the driver cabin. But the past two nights we have been sleeping in the rear section of the van. There 1 more sleeping area in the middle of the van, but it seems it is smaller compare with the other 2. We are lucky because even though the company didn’t mention it, it seems we got a free upgrade from 4 berth to 6 berth campervan.

Outside the car, there is just the sound of the night because the clock has pointed to 11.30 pm. I still heard some people talking some minutes ago and even I met a guy on my final trip to the laundry room to pickup the dried laundry. But exactly right now, there are only cricket sound and maybe some birds sound out there in the wild. I am a bit wonder whether there will be still car driving out there.

Now is almost 12 pm and I have collected the laundry. I think I have to sleep now because tomorrow we will have a cruise to the fjord of the Milford Sound and will have some hundred kilometers driving again back to Te Anau and then Queenstown. My sleepiness ended this story.

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