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Story of the Unexpected Events During Our Campervan Road Trip

Travel creates unforgettable memories, either good or not-so-good one. The reality of travel sometimes also do not match our initial imagination about the place. It may become a sweet surprise if the reality exceeds our imagination. It may also become a nightmare if the reality […]

Useful Mobile Apps for Your Campervan Trip

A mobile phone can be a great help during your campervan road trip. They can guide you the way, warn your speed if it exceeds the speed limit, help you to find the nearest gas station, and much more. Here are some mobile apps we […]

Tips: How to Find Cheap Campervan for Rental

A campervan road trip is not something very cheap. You will need to throw extra bucks compared to renting a regular car. However, by doing the right booking “tricks”, we still can get a budget-friendly campervan. In this post, we will share our experience about […]

New Zealand South Island Road Trip in 12 Days

New Zealand is like no other. First of all, this is a country where kiwi can be a fruit, a flightless bird or how people name themselves. Second, it is located thousands of kilometers from others closest settlements. Then, the people are sparsely populated, but […]